Many are uncertain about fiduciary regulations, but one thing is clear. Your clients expect you to act in their best interest when it comes to their retirement.

If you’ve been thinking of switching from commission-based client accounts to fee based, the time is right. And we can show you how to do it more easily than you might have thought.

Download our toolkit to learn practical steps to help you prepare for -- instead of react to -- the fiduciary world. The kit includes:

  • Why current and future regulations may make fee-based more important than ever
  • The potential to actually improve your business — and generate a more consistent income
  • How to make the transition in 8 easy steps
  • How to talk to your clients about the change

Plus, you'll receive our video series to help you get started right away.

Get your Fee-based Switch Kit

For more information, contact an SEI Advisor Network Consultant at 888-734-2679.

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