Defined contribution (DC) plans are broken and sponsors know it.

DC participant success relies on the program structure that the plan sponsors established. DC sponsors today also have increased regulatory and fiduciary requirements that are set forth by the DOL. As a result, they have a great deal of pressure to offer simpler, better managed, more diversified fund options for their participants.

So what has changed and what can sponsors do to help their participants achieve their retirement income goals? Our comprehensive paper details the following key areas:

Knowledge Center 5 Questions DC Plan Sponsors Should Ask Are you confident that you have the best plan and investment options to meet participant needs?
  1. A Whole New World for DC Plan Management: four shifts are causing DC sponsors to evaluate
  2. Why Discretionary Investment Management for DC Plans: The "institutionalizing" of "DB-ing" of DC plans
  3. How a Discretionary Investment Manager Helps Plan Sponsors & Participants: Additional expertise allows for an increased focus on participant outcomes
  4. Frequently Asked Questions About Using a Discretionary Investment Manager: Common misconceptions about the DC landscape
  5. Selecting a Discretionary Investment Manager to Help with Your DC Plan: The right steps for a smooth evaluation

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Make Your Plan More Effective

Meet fiduciary obligations and increase plan sophistication and oversight.

Discretionary investment/OCIO simplifies plan management so you can focus on helping participants retire.

The benefits of OCIO

Stay current

As we experience continued change and growth in the DC marketplace, it's important to stay current with the latest trends.

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