Why Focus on a niche?  Because it’s what investors want. More than anything. By a mile.

Investors are looking for an advisor who they can connect with. One who possesses a deep understanding of their lives. Who gets it.

A focused practice is more viable than a generalist firm in production, revenues, and client satisfaction. Yet too few advisors choose to pursue this strategy.

The Building Client Affinity Toolkit  includes the article Build Client Affinity Through Segmentation, Niche Marketing and Service, along with a Building Investor Personas worksheet to help you create a representation of your ideal client based on data mined from your book.


  • Discuss growth, client satisfaction and marketing benefits
  • Show how segmentation can help you find hidden gems inside your book
  • Illustrate the power of personas to identify your ideal client profile
  • Define a niche and explore actionable ideas for your market
  • Dispel myths that discourage advisors from pursuing specialization

Also, find out how to get started with our advisor segmentation tool.

Get the Building Client Affinity Toolkit 

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