Market downturns are often when clients need their financial advisors the most

When the market is volatile, your clients need your wisdom and perspective, and they need to feel you're on top of it all. 

One of the best ways you can be there for them is by communicating the value of your advisory firm — consistently.

What better opportunity to amp up your client acquisition and client experience strategies. 

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It shows you how you can take steps now to improve your “Big 3”—marketing, sales/client experience and onboarding — and prove your value to your clients and prospects. And start seeing periods of market downturn as opportunities to reach for growth in 2019.

Key lessons for financial advisors:

  • Why a key goal of your marketing efforts should be to show why choosing your firm is worth the premium
  • How to invest time to learn effective advisor business development practices that you’re comfortable with
  • Why onboarding with a focus on consistent processes is critical to your clients’ experience 

Your toolkit will also include our 2019 Marketing Planning Guide and our Value Proposition worksheet to help you get started.  

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