Our 12th annual Executive Conference explored the trends transforming the competitive landscape for asset managers. We covered a variety of economic and business trends, including how investor preferences are changing, how managers can navigate around or take advantage of disruptive changes, and where managers may be able to find new sources of competitive advantage and business leverage.

The 2-day conference welcomed more than 125 senior executives from our client firms, including mutual fund, hedge fund, private equity, institutional, and diversified global investment managers. 

Here are some highlights.

"Our speakers took a high-level view of the economy, the markets and the asset management business, giving us insights into structural shifts and future trends."

Over the Horizon: Trends Reshaping the Business

Our speakers took a high-level view of the economy, the markets and the asset management business, giving us insights into structural shifts and future trends.

Milton Ezrati, Chief Economist, Lord Abbett and Co.

The macroeconomist and author of Thirty Tomorrows surveyed near-term prospects for the U.S. bond and equity markets, and implications of macro changes, including energy abundance and aging of the population. Read more

John Siciliano, Global Strategy Lead, Asset Management, PricewaterhouseCoopers

The lead author of PwC’s Asset Management 2020 report briefed us on the six trends ushering in a “brave new world” for the industry. Read more

Michael Goldstein, Managing Partner, Empirical Research Partners

In a broadly encompassing look at the asset management business, one of the industry’s leading analysts sees several paradigm shifts taking hold and more dislocation ahead. Read more

Hacking the Investment Management Business

This panel explored a variety of disruptors that are transforming the dynamics of the business, management, and some ways asset managers can think about being disruptors themselves.

Josh Klein, Hacker, Author and Public Speaker

Asset managers must understand the culture of the Internet and technology if they want to be smart about building on online presence. Read more

Jenn Deering Davis, Co-Founder and Editor in Chief, Union Metrics

We all know the use of social media is exploding. What’s surprising is how big of a role these outlets already play in investors’ research. Read more

Jon Stein, CEO and Co-Founder, Betterment

A pioneer among the new breed of “robo-advisors,” Betterment points to the ways in which wealth management is rapidly evolving. Read more

Ben White, Morning Money columnist, Politico

The issues being debated in Washington and state houses are potential disruptors, too; we review the current crop. Read more

Who Invests in Alts, and Why

Robert Mirsky, Partner and Global Hedge Fund Leader, KPMG

The 2015 edition of KPMG’s annual hedge fund manager survey covered more than 100 managers globally. Some key trends emerged.  Read more

What Do Investors Want?

Greg Allen, President and CIO, Callan Associates

There are some clear trends concerning the needs of institutional investors. Read more

John Gillespie, CFA, Senior Investment Consultant, Aon Hewitt

The DC plan space is growing and will remain an important area of activity. Managers need to be aware of some key points. Read more