20 Tips for Sleighing 2020

December 3, 2019

Tip #5: Model Your Service Offering.

Tip #5: Model Your Service Offering. Most advisors can tell you their investment philosophy, but can they tell you how they service their clients? Better yet, can they show you? Create a service model that speaks to your ideal clients –  show them how you work.


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As we prepare to put another successful year behind us, Practically Speaking features a new blog series:  #20TipsforSleighing2020. Each business day in December, look for an idea or tip from myself or one of our contributors to help you focus on closing out the year strong and starting next year off right. Taxes, investments, social media and your client experience are all topics that we will be discussing, so be on the lookout!

As we not only finish the year but also the decade, I want to thank all Practically Speaking’s loyal readers. We look forward to sharing more ideas and continuing the conversation. For now, we should all be getting ready to “sleigh” 2020!

Now, let’s begin our #20TipsforSleighing2020 journey: #20TipsforSleighing2020

Tip #1: Advisors, Remember You Are Human, Too. With all of the uncertainty – geopolitical, economic, etc. – it may be tempting to try to time the market. Consider resisting that temptation. Instead, evaluate your investment strategies and their alignment with your clients' goals. Make adjustments only as required based upon the financial plan you co-created, not the latest financial news.

- J. Womack, Managing Director of Investment Solutions

Tip #2: The Importance of Workflows. The CRM is the activity hub of a successful advisor's office. Automated workflows help eliminate the ‘dropped ball’ syndrome, create efficiencies and make it easier to train new employees – they also help show your long-term value proposition to clients.


Tip #3: Market Volatility Reminder — It’s Normal. It’s important for clients to keep in mind that intermittent drops in stock prices are normal – even in a long-term bull market. Investors who are mentally and emotionally prepared for market volatility (e.g., those following a goals-based approach) should be better equipped to take it in stride and not let it affect their longer-term portfolio positioning.

- Matt Potter, Director of Investment Services

Tip #4: Ask for Actionable Feedback. The greatest gift a client can give you is feedback. It shows they care and want you to succeed. Two keys to gain this insight: First, identify your ideal clients and ask them. This will help ensure you are getting feedback to better your service. Second, be clear and specific about what feedback you’re asking for. A broad ask usually ends up with little to nothing. Limit your feedback request to a service or process the client has experienced. Example: "Hi John, for the past couple of months you have been a subscriber to my blog and I would love to learn what posts or topics have resonated most with you. Would you mind sharing?"

- Allie Carey, Managing Director of Front Office Product


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