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Transparent, secure and efficient 

An end-to-end technology solution to enhance, streamline, secure and automate the entire life cycle of your investors

Manage the entire investor experience from onboarding, through data management, all the way to reporting. With three main pillars, our investor platform offers a variety of benefits:


  • Digital document management
  • Workflow automation
  • Real-time tracking

Data management

  • Creates a golden record
  • Third-party data integration
  • Digital audit trail


  • Portfolio-, fund- and investor-level
  • Aggregated data 
  • Customizable views

Client case study

A rapidly growing wealth manager adopts SEI's investor platform

The client, which specializes in alternative assets, was seeking more scale, efficiency and sophistication in its operations

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More about SEI

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We are a leading global provider of technology-driven wealth and investment management solutions. We deliver new infrastructure platforms, solutions and services to the financial services industry encompassing front-, middle- and back-offices to help clients achieve lasting success. 

A full array of fund services

Keeping up operationally is a big part of the challenge facing investment organizations, but we believe operations can also hold far-reaching solutions and offer tangible benefits.

Outsourcing fund accounting, fund administration, and other back office services is no longer just about cost-management or a “nice to have.” With the right technologies, expertise, and thoughtful systems design, forward-looking managers can turn their back office into a competitive advantage. 

  • Engage and satisfy investors
  • Gain scale and efficiency
  • Understand and control operational risk
  • Meet the challenges of big data and cybersecurity
  • Fulfill regulatory demands
  • Compete more effectively
1 As of December 31, 2020.
2 As of December 31, 2019, SEI. 
3 As of January 29, 2021.