As we continue to follow the guidance and orders of various national, state and local governments, our operations are functioning well with approximately 99% of our global workforce working remotely. Certain operations-critical personnel are reporting to some of our office locations, but not all of these personnel are on site at any given time in order provide redundancies in the event that personnel need to self-quarantine. 

We are implementing contingency plans to on-shore certain offshore activities impacted by those countries and regions imposing national lockdowns for its citizens. We maintain in-house expertise for all such functions and practice repatriation of activities as part of our regular business resilience program. The flexibility of our workforce and operations enables us to scale various functions to maintain service delivery objectives. 

We have made substantial investments in our technology offerings over the past decade. These investments have enabled us to move rapidly and seamlessly to the current environment without any material disruption to our clients. Our straight-through processing technologies have meant that none of our clients have been out of the market at all as we have responded to the worldwide disruptions over the last three weeks.  

The health and safety of our employees, clients and business partners remain our top priority. Our ability to perform well in the current environment and to thrive in the future is dependent on sustaining and supporting our workforce. We are proud of and encouraged by the cooperative spirit, drive and commitment of our employees globally, and we are confident that our current technology infrastructure and contingency plans will enable us to maintain the integrity of our operations and services, as well as our high standards for client service.

As the world continues to cope with this pandemic, our hearts go out to the hundreds of thousands of people whose health and lives have been impacted. 

Our leadership team continues to meet daily to monitor this evolving situation and update our employees, clients and business partners. If you have any questions about our efforts to ensure operational integrity, please call us at +1 610-676-1000.