The tax reform bill signed into law late last year presented a direct hit on the nonprofit sector. Nonprofits should be aware of these provisions and how they may impact fundraising and operations.

This webinar covers:

  • H.R. 1 Tax Reform provisions that directly impact nonprofit organizations
  • Other tax provisions that may affect donors (and therefore charities)
  • Recommendations to help you adjust to these important changes and anticipate others

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Laura SolomonLaura Solomon, Esq. is an attorney dedicated to advising nonprofits. She provides legal support for day-to-day operations and understands the challenges facing nonprofits helping maximize missions and minimize tax liability.


MJ Bobyock

Mary Jane Bobyock, our Director of Nonprofit Advice, brings ongoing advice and support to our nonprofit clients. 

Nonprofits look to OCIOs

As nonprofits partner with OCIOs to help manage their investments, they face a marketplace congested with providers.

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