The idea that one of the longest bull runs in history 9 years and counting may come to an end could unearth DC plan weaknesses and risk that we haven't experienced in many years. And market volatility may cause participants to make poor decisions within their portfolios. 

Is your plan set up to execute the right changes and address these issues? 

Knowledge Center 5 Questions DC Plan Sponsors Should Ask Are you confident that you have the best plan and investment options to meet participant needs?

This 30-minute webinar explains how DC plan sponsors can reconsider their management process during market volatility. 

Presenters Mike Cagnina, VP, Managing Director of our Institutional Group and Dennis Bowden, Research Manager at Strategic Insight, review the current state of the DC industry and how plans are invested. 

Key takeaways

  1. Why plan sponsors should be more proactive in making changes to funds in their plan's lineup
  2. How the levels of equity exposure in participants' portfolios may be impacted by a market downturn
  3. Why diversification and allocations are designed to manage against volatility in times of market stress

Watch: Ready for Market Volatility?

Make Your Plan More Effective

Meet fiduciary obligations and increase plan sophistication and oversight.

Discretionary investment/OCIO simplifies plan management so you can focus on helping participants retire.

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