DC Roundtable

September 24, 2019 in Chicago IL

Address asset accumulation and decumulation challenges in defined contribution plans

Defined contribution plan sponsors and industry experts event

Featured Panelists:

DC Panelist PSCA Jack Towarnicky, Executive Director, PSCA

DC Panelist Warner Cormier, Executive Director, DCIIA

For anyone who’s responsible for overseeing company-sponsored defined contribution plans, asset accumulation and decumulation issues are at the forefront of priorities.

  1. Accumulation: Questions persist around increasing participation, appropriate contribution rates and how sophisticated and customized investment lineups need to be to meet requirement income goals. Therefore, retirement readiness is on the forefront of plan sponsors minds, seeking to meet the needs of their participants while also addressing the increase in staffing related costs (wages, health care, productivity losses) which occur as employees are not ready financially to retire.
  2. Decumulation: Potential challenges exist around the fiduciary responsibility of the plan sponsor in choosing an annuity provider, finding ways assets can be retained in the plan and determining which retirement income options are best for participants. Costs of annuities, lack of safe harbor protections and not wanting to be a first mover — all seem to be creating inertia here.

Defined contribution plan sponsors provide:

  • Panel discussions from industry experts
  • Shared experiences managing DC plans
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