AGB Webinar Replay: Examining the OCIO Model for Higher Education Institutions

September 12, 2019

Higher education institutions discuss their experience working with an OCIO

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Investment outsourcing continues to gain popularity among institutional investors, and higher education institutions in particular find value in this model. Market volatility and limited resources can make the popular OCIO model very appealing to colleges and universities with limited time and resources.

But as the OCIO model grows in popularity, so does the number of new providers and startups claiming the same level of investment management services as tenured OCIOs. However, most have not weathered 2009 and other market downturns/upswings.

OCIO Trends Infographic The latest on the OCIO trend and why institutional investors are choosing this model

We partnered with AGB for a webinar that reviews key tips for finding the best investment management partner to fit your organization’s goals. It includes interviews from 3 separate college and university foundations about their experience working with an OCIO.  

In this recording, you’ll learn:
  • Strengths, weaknesses and myths of investment management model options: In-house vs. traditional consulting vs. outsourced CIO (OCIO)
  • How to address investment committee resistance to change and establish a governance structure agreeable to all members
  • What an experienced OCIO should offer, key features/benefits you need to look for and why not all OCIOs are built the same

Shauna Croft, director of finance and operations, Idaho State University Foundation

Michelle Matis, chief finance officer/chief operations officer, Valencia College Foundation

Stace Mercier, executive director, The University of Southern Mississippi Foundation

Moderator: Mary Jane Bobyock, managing director, SEI

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