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Charities strive to grow over the long term, maintain capital protection, or fund specific short- to medium-term projects. To accomplish these goals, you need to navigate the many complexities associated with investing your endowment:

£20+ Billion in assets managed in the charity sector globally*
  • More demands, less public spending. Demands are likely to rise over the next decade, especially with public spending expected to fall. And with growing complexity and volatility in the financial markets, the need to balance long-term growth with short-term liquidity needs is a significant challenge.
  • Fewer resources, less time. The increase in demands is often not met with an increase in resources to match them, so investment strategy can slip down the agenda when time is limited. Multifaceted investment markets can make it harder for trustees to monitor or change the managers involved in the endowment, whilst meeting the strategic requirements necessary to effectively navigate volatility.
  • Difficulty meeting spending targets. Balancing risk and return is likely to be one of your key concerns.

We align your assets with organisational spending and liquidity needs.

We take the time to understand your unique needs, which then allows us to focus on:

  • Aligning your assets with organisational spending and liquidity needs
  • Improving stability and predictability through active diversification and portfolio modelling
  • Addressing the issues that impact your programme’s long-term mission
  • Monitoring your progress and making/recommending changes as needed
20+ Years of experience providing investment services to charity organisations

Nimble decision-making

By giving trustees a thorough understanding of how your portfolio would cope under stress in times of market uncertainty, you’ll gain increased confidence in your path to your investment goals. And with the help of our dedicated advice team, you will be able to make proactive, nimble decisions for your scheme.

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*Source: SEI 3rd Quarter Earnings Release 2018. As at 30 Sept 2018, with an exchange rate of 1 USD to 0.76728 GBP.