A deeper look at the status of your scheme from an independent expert

We offer a Fiduciary Management analysis (FMA) free of charge to Defined Benefit pension trustees and sponsors who are reviewing their investment strategy or provider. We dedicate expert resource and time to each analysis, giving you an in-depth view through an independent lens. You can use your FMA to highlight potential opportunities to avoid contribution or pension expense surprises.

Your FMA includes:

  • An independent, thorough perspective on your situation and the pension scheme's impact on your organisation's finances
  • A customised analysis of your pension scheme's financial position from our team of investment and actuarial experts
  • Simulated potential impacts of key investment decisions
  • Stress testing of your asset allocation using our strategic modelling capabilities and scenario testing tools

An FMA can highlight opportunities to avoid potential contribution or pension expense surprises.

Your fiduciary management analysis can uncover:

  • Ways to lower risk and improve potential returns through portfolio diversification
  • Opportunities to achieve cost savings
  • Funding alternatives aimed at reducing overall contribution levels
  • How your scheme's finances and benefits benchmark against industry peers
  • Unexpected potential contributions or expenses to the scheme

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Legal Note

This document contains marketing material about our fiduciary management service. This document does not represent impartial advice on this service. In certain cases, you are required to conduct a competitive tender process prior to appointing a fiduciary manager. Guidance on running a tender process is available from the Pensions Regulator.