When it comes to end game, what is the 'right' solution for your pension scheme?

The answer is as unique as you are and there are a number of factors to consider, including:

  • Member security 
  • Employer cost
  • Covenant strength 
  • The return required from the remaining assets to get to full funding
  • Whether the remaining liabilities can still be matched with the remaining assets

Ask the right questions 

  • Should the target be full funding on a self-sufficient basis, making the scheme a stable low risk entity on a company's balance sheet?
  • Should an extra premium be paid to an insurer in order to offload or match pension scheme risk?
  • Does a middle ground exist that provides the best of both worlds?

What is clear is that at each stage of a scheme's journey, from navigating volatility to the final destination, a specialist with experience in the range of available end game solutions is best placed to target and deliver the end game that is in the scheme's interests.

We can help you target the pension end game that's in your scheme's best interests by:

  1. Putting an effective overarching strategy in place and making sure it remains appropriate as your end game approaches 
  2. Facilitating a range of options to navigate you through the final step of your scheme
  3. Identifying key priorities and concessions

How do you get to your journey's end?

We put end-game solutions under the microscope to bring you real case studies demonstrating how other pension schemes mapped their route. 

End game range of options


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What are your options when you reach your funding goal?

Our end-game solutions for defined benefit pension schemes can help you navigate to your final destination. 

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