Targeted technology and investment solutions can improve efficiency and help reduce risk for institutional investment offices

The goal of your investment program is to achieve strong results and meet financial goals, but we all know a lot of complexity goes into attempting to achieve that.

  • Are there areas that are taking up too much of your staff time?
  • Are you concerned about data/reporting accuracy or risk? If you are still operating with a network of spreadsheets you may need to be.
  • Do you lack the resources to accurately monitor or integrate alternative investments in your current data reconciliation?

Our goal is to simplify key processes and solve the challenges so your institutional investment program can be its best. We strive to provide the technology and services you need, and not the ones you don't. 

As a large fund administrator, developer of investment operating platforms and provider of investment services, we have leading-edge technology to help simplify your processes and save you costs.

Your internal investment program could be bringing unnecessary risk to your organisation. 

Our investment technology and experience can reduce risk by bringing more accuracy to your institutional investment processes. 

We can help your investment resources be more efficient, accurate, cost-effective and transparent. 

Extend your internal investment team's capabilities and broaden your governance efforts by leveraging our advanced technologies and deep investment expertise. Key areas include:

  • Reconciling portfolio data for public and alternative investments
  • Consolidating performance reporting
  • Risk management across the portfolio
  • Manager research and monitoring services

Our flexible, open architecture platform is designed to meet the needs of institutional investment offices. Click to view the full Enhanced CIO platform:


It's critical to consider the consequences of not having technologies and risk management support for your internal investment office. 

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