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SEI partnered with Preqin and ANZUchart of respondents: 39% from North America, 38% from Europe, 14% from Asia, and the remainder from Latin America, Australia, the Middle East, and  Africa Research to survey 407 private market professionals during Q4 2020 to gain their perspectives on the opportunities and threats associated with ongoing change in their industry. Specific areas of focus included democratisation of alternative asset classes, product development for retail investors, the role of intermediaries, and the use of secondaries. Survey responses from GPs slightly outnumbered those from LPs, 52% to 48%.

The survey was conducted globally, with 39% of respondents self-identifying as coming from North America, an almost identical number from Europe, 14% from Asia, and the remainder from Latin America, Australia, the Middle East, and Africa.

A wide variety of LPs took part. Family offices accounted for 21% of all investor responses, followed by asset managers, at 17%. Private and public pension funds collectively accounted for a similar proportion of responses. Foundations and endowments also contributed in meaningful numbers.

Investor/LPs by type: Family Office with 21% down to sovereign wealth with 1%

GPs in the survey include managers of private equity, private credit, real estate, and infrastructure. Participating PE managers tend to be either very large (US$10+ billion AUM) or relatively small (<US$500 million). Real estate managers exhibited a similar—albeit less pronounced—barbell shape. Infrastructure managers can be found in every cohort but are more likely to fall at the smaller end of the scale. With more than half of them managing less than US$500 million, private debt respondents are the most likely to represent smaller firms.

Manager/GPs respondents by type: private debt highest with 55% in the up to $500 million group; real estate highest with 39% in $500 million to $5 billion group; infrastructure with 20% in the $5 to $10 billion group; private equity highest with 37% in over $10 billion group

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