Charities Management: Opting for a Different Charity Investment Management Model

28 August 2018

Pradeep Kachhala discusses how OCIO might drive down fees

In this Charities Management article, Pradeep Kachhala, our institutional group director, looks at the current most favoured investment management models for charities and suggests an alternative.

In brief: 

  • Charities are experiencing increasing pressure to deliver more with less.
  • Current provider models across asset managers and wealth managers may not allow charities to benefit from the scale and resources available in the market. They may also offer a limited choice of investments.
  • Against this challenging environment, an alternative approach like OCIO may help charities to reduce costs, freeing up more money to aid their mission and giving trustees more time to focus on high-impact, key decisions.

Read: Opting for a different charity investment management model (PDF)

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