Been with your provider for more than 3 years? It might be time for an evaluation.

If you have been with your provider for more than three years, it might be time for an evaluation. An evaluation may offer fee leveraging opportunities, as well as new ideas from a strategic partner that is a better fit to help you accomplish your goals.

Is your portfolio lagging?

Ensuring your portfolio is in a good position for success is critical. Balancing short-term expenses with long-term growth can make it hard to manage your portfolio successfully. Your portfolio may be lagging if it has:

  • Implemented a risk management strategy that has not performed as expected
  • Experienced underperforming investment management results for a prolonged period
  • Experienced limitations on diversification and access to managers with high investment minimums
  • Failed to align your spending targets with your endowment growth objectives optimally

Are your resources stretched thin?

Long-term portfolio strategies are often put on the back burner because of the day-to-day operations and financial decisions. It may be that your investment board has too many other priorities and your time to make the best decisions for the portfolio is limited.

You may be missing out on:

  • Access to global based resources to investigate all investment options
  • Committee meetings with a strategic focus on issues such as asset allocation options, evaluating new asset classes, and issues that impact the long-term mission of the program

If you struggle with these challenges, it is probably time to start evaluating providers.

Get started:

  1. Clearly define your issues and challenges
  2. Define your evaluation process and criteria
  3. Compile a list of potential providers to conduct a preliminary internal evaluation
  4. Consider a Non-Disclosure Agreement with providers

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