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Asset managers who seize change — to bring new investment strategies to market, add distribution channels or build technologically advanced reporting platforms — act decisively in an industry often paralysed with complexity and inertia. It takes conviction and operational strength to lead the charge.

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Uncover OpportunityImage: DCIO Whitepaper

A New DCIO Environment

At nearly $8 trillion, the U.S. defined contribution retirement market remains one of the largest and growing opportunities for asset managers. To take advantage of this opportunity, defined contribution investment only (DCIO) firms have created dedicated DCIO teams to ensure they have adequate investment products, sales and support staff, and value-added tools for their distribution partners, record-keepers and advisers.

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Image: Digitise the Investor Experience WhitepaperGet Ahead

Race to Digital

Like the business world at large, technology is currently enabling an upheaval in the financial services industry. While the shift presents its challenges, digitisation offers an opportunity for firms to enhance the client experience. In this paper, we explore how the transformative potential of technology has affected the financial services industry, the drivers of change, and how asset management firms can keep pace.

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Seek InnovationImage: Designer Outsourcing Whitepaper

A shift in outsourcing opportunities

The first wave of middle office outsourcing deals came on the heels of the credit crisis in 2008. Given this timing, it should come as no surprise that the origin of these first generation deals was driven by cost savings. Today, ten years later, firms must take a strategic view of technology and operations as it is critical to long-term success. There is constant pressure to innovate, capture alpha through complex products and strategies, and attract and retain clients amidst unprecedented fee pressure. To learn more about operating model options and considerations, read our industry brief.

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Image: ETF 3.0 WhitepaperStay Competitive

The next phase of growth

The ETF market continues to offer a wide variety of opportunities as ETFs penetrate new investor segments, distribution channels and geographic markets. ETFs are permanent and growing features of the competitive landscape, so it’s important to make key decisions with a realistic appraisal of the role ETFs will play. In ETF 3.0, we explore some of the challenges, as well as paths for success in this new phase of growth.

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