A shift to greater fiduciary accountability

As the trend of investment outsourcing becomes more familiar globally to charities, interest in the OCIO model grows. Cerulli Associates expects OCIO assets to grow 9.1% over 5 years*.

Why the shift? Increased market complexity and limited resources are causing many charitable endowments globlly to partner with an OCIO for trusted investment advice, improved risk management, faster decision making and delegation of tactical and strategic investment processes. 

Flexibility of services and implementation

An important feature for many institutional investors is a flexible, custom implementation where they maintain discretion over investment decisions. This is the most important aspect of an OCIO relationship - the ability to provide you with a solution that meets your unique needs in ongoing governance and decision making. 

"Very few providers can match our overall client base and tenure as an OCIO." -- Paul Klauder, EVP, SEI Institutional Group

Our Heritage in OCIO

We take pride in our established OCIO program. In fact, over the past two years (as of 31/3/18), we added $11.5 billion in new OCIO assets and more than 60 new clients.

And they stay with us: 200+ clients have been with us for 10+ years. (as of 31/3/18)

63 new OCIO clients over the past 2 years

Paul Klauder, executive vice president of our Institutional Group explains what contributes to our continued growth:

"The ongoing growth of our institutional business is a testament to the infrastructure, resources and expertise we've built as an established leader in providing OCIO services. Very few providers can match our overall client base and  tenure as an OCIO. We're proud of our position as one of the largest companies in this space." 

Legal Note

*Cerulli Associates: The Cerulli Report: U.S. Outsourced CIO Function 2016: Opportunities for Providers to Support Institutions Across Client Segments – Exhibit 1.08

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