Private equity survey: Where are the trends going to take us?

It has not even been a decade since the private equity industry was on the ropes. Liquidity dried up while deal flow and fundraising collapsed in the shadow of the devastating financial crisis. Viability of many fund managers was thrown into question. Since then, the global private equity market rebounded dramatically, growing at an unprecedented rate. It is also evolving quickly, perhaps more so than any other sector of the asset management industry.

What is it likely to look like in the future?

200 Industry participants Took part in our survey

In an effort to better understand where private equity is heading, we surveyed more than 200 industry participants, including general partners (GPs), limited partners (LPs) and consultants. This year’s survey builds on earlier analyses we performed of the private equity industry dating back to 2009.

Our survey and analysis focused on several topics including:

  • Growth opportunities
  • Selection process
  • Operating challenges
  • Business models

Download a complimentary copy of our paper, The Future of Private Equity, to learn more about the challenges and opportunities presented by each of these trends for the private equity industry.

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