At the heart of our solutions, you’ll find our actively managed Asset Class Funds.

Goals-Based Funds

Made up of underlying Asset Class Funds, the Goals-Based Funds are our most actively managed offering. These one-fund, one-line solutions are broken out into three categories to help investors meet their goals at all stages of life:

  1. Growth-focused
  2. Stability-focused
  3. Distribution-focused

Funds lineup

These Funds use our ongoing capital market research for strategic asset allocation, but may incorporate periodic dynamic allocation changes to take advantage of shorter-term changes in the capital markets. 

Strategic Asset Allocation Funds

We built our Strategic Asset Allocation Funds with a long-term view in mind; they maintain their strategic asset allocation over time. The Funds package our strategic asset allocation advice in a one-fund, one-line solution. Each Asset Allocation Fund is a mix of asset classes, investment styles and portfolio managers artfully combined into one comprehensive investment solution, ranging from 100% fixed income to 100% equity.

strategic asset allocation



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