Align your investment strategy with your core values, without sacrificing quality investments – or your goals.

You’re focused on more than returns when it comes to the success of your investment portfolio - you want to ensure that your underlying investment decisions tie to your organization’s mission. Our qualitative approach to sustainable investing can help make that a reality.

Returns are important. And how the underlying investment decisions tie into your mission matters too. But your financial goals don't need to be compromised to align your strategy with purpose. From concept to implementation, we’ll help you do more with your assets so that you can generate a positive social and environmental impact within your investment portfolio.

Investing with purpose

It has many names – sustainable investing, mission-related investing, impact investing, socially responsible investing, environmental, social and governance (ESG) – but investing with purpose is about consistency between your values and your investment strategy.

We vet investible universes, holdings and managers for you to ensure they demonstrate a commitment to the values you hold dear.

Do more with your assets

Implement sustainable investing through our custom methodologies:

  1. Exclusionary screening – custom parameters to screen out exposures like fossil fuels, tobacco and weapons
  2. ESG Factors – weighing portfolios with positive ESG valuation to seek opportunities within specified parameters
  3. Impact Investing – targeted investment opportunities aimed at providing positive and measurable social/environmental change

You’ll get:

  • Diversified portfolios, the result of over 25 social screens
  • Oversight to ensure the companies in your portfolio meet the appropriate standards
  • A dedicated research team, examining detailed analytics through a proprietary holdings database

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you enhance your investments, while maintaining a portfolio that reflects your organization’s goals and beliefs.