Areas of Expertise

  • Turnkey asset allocation
  • Investment strategies
  • Goals-based investing

Leveraging more than three decades of experience, our team provides discretionary asset management solutions, underpinned by SEI's manager research, asset allocation and portfolio construction advice. 

Our mission: To enable wealth management firms and their advisors to achieve success and provide better outcomes to their clients through an integrated, customisable advice and investment solution.

Our team helps to minimise barriers to success, which may include a combination of small scale, lack of resources, concern with cost,  and the need to reduce firm risk (such as operational, investment and regulatory). 

We believe our key differentiator is the way we work with clients. By establishing a true strategic partnership – aligned in value proposition and shared risk – we are able to offer a higher level of customisation, providing our partners with diversification, a manager-of-managers approach, and a goals-based philosophy and process. It’s in these areas that SEI has been a pioneer and which continue to be recognised as innovations in financial services. 

Meet our leadership team

Kevin Barr, Executive Vice President, SEI
Kevin drives our vision, strategy and strategic partnership approach in working with some of the world’s largest financial firms. 

Derek Zeller, Global Head of Asset Management Distribution Solutions and Marketing, SEI
Derek facilitates the development and distribution of our solutions globally. 

Andy Mitchell, Managing Director, Head of Asset Management Distribution, SEI Canada
Andy drives the strategic vision for our Canadian asset management programs and ensures that our solutions meet the unique needs of our clients.   

Matthew McCloskey, CFA, Senior Client Portfolio Strategist, SEI
Matt represents all facets of the team's global discretionary asset management programs to strategic partners, including conveying industry best practices and trends within wealth management.

Legal Note

SEI's Asset Management Distribution Team is a part of the Private Banking business unit of SEI Investments Company. SEI refers to a group of companies under common management, which includes SEI Investment Canada Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of SEI Investments Company.