June 2021

Our leadership teams across the company globally have created a multi-phased return-to-office plan. The health and safety of our workforce is paramount in our planning. We continue to follow the guidance of the local and national governments in the geographies in which we operate as we assess our situation. Our planning is broken into four phases, and we are currently in phase 3. 

In phase 3A, we brought back certain group and team leaders on a voluntary basis at the beginning of May to gain experience working onsite under our current health and safety protocols. This provided leaders first-hand experience with how our office environments are set up and functioning, so they can communicate their experience directly to their teams in preparation for a larger return, as well as help inform how we will structure bringing back the teams for which they are responsible.  

On June 21, we welcomed back additional members of our workforce to our offices in phase 3B. We prioritized operations and development teams that we believe will benefit from the in-office environment. We have restructured floor plans to accommodate social distancing measures per national health authorities, as well as implemented various health and safety protocols for the approximately 600-800 employees currently working in our offices in order to perform those on-site activities that are necessary to deliver the services on which our clients rely. 

Approximately 80% of our personnel are observing work-from-home protocols across all of our global locations. We have been able to maintain our operational integrity and the robustness of our offerings in the current work-from-home environment.

Regarding Phase 4, much of the decision-making regarding this phase, other than consistency on health and safety, will be based on our learnings in the third phase. If we believe the virus continues to pose a significant health risk—including an elevation in spread; the impact of new virus strains on society; the effectiveness, roll-out and availability of vaccines and therapeutics; and/or governmental guidance tilts toward more lockdowns—we will, as we have done in the past, adjust.

We’ll welcome employees back to our other domestic and international offices in a similar phased approach. The management teams in each of these geographies are currently working on timing, including the availability and safety of public transportation, the health and safety protocols of landlords that control the multi-tenant offices in which we work, and local and national government guidance.

Our operational integrity remains, and we are confident that our current technology infrastructure and contingency plans will enable us to maintain the integrity of our operations and services, as well as our high standards for client service.

If you have any questions about our efforts to ensure operational integrity, please call us at 1-855-734-1188.