Stronger impactOne foundation's experience strengthens its ability to fulfill its mission

This three-chapter case study takes a closer look at how an OCIO helped support one foundation's overall goals. From a feeling that it wasn't quite keeping up to the need for more experienced help, maybe you'll see a bit of your own foundation here. 


Here's a sneak preview of what you'll see in each chapter.

Chapter 1Something's not working for the foundation.

When you're running one of the nation's largest state community foundations, all eyes are on you. Fundholders and your board want to feel confident that you're making the greatest possible impact and gifts are invested cost-efficiently. The president agrees. "Our previous process wasn't working. With the rapid changes in investing, a consultant without much authority outside the committee, and a committee that could get together only a couple times a year we weren't keeping up. We needed to make investment decisions in a week, not in six months."


Chapter 2SEI is invited to the table.

It was important that the foundation work with a highly experienced OCIO and a team who knows community foundations are different. 


Chapter 3Foundation president believes they're an OCIO trendsetter.

His investment committee supported the OCIO move 100%, despite their skittish start. "I believe the OCIO model is a trend we'll see more of in institutions," the president said. "Investments are just so much more complex than they were 20 years ago, and you simply can't do it on weekends. I believe this is the next iteration of professionalizing the investment environment."

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"Look, a lot of people can do and will do investments well. We believe this OCIO structure gives us the best chance to succeed." - Community Foundation President

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