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Amid a backdrop of continuous disruption across the banking industry, our client recognized the value in fortifying their IT foundation.

The bank set three primary objectives:

  • Implement a cybersecurity approach, correlating all aspects of the infrastructure and ensuring that threats can be acted upon.
  • Find an IT business partner — not another managed service provider — with financial industry and regulatory knowledge.
  • Deploy an IT framework that will grow and innovate with the business.


  • Narrow pool and high cost of cybersecurity talent 
  • Maximize IT spend to support primary business objectives
  • Identify a partner to deliver a comprehensive and cost-effective solution with 24x7 coverage
  • Prepare for ever-increasing sophistication of cyberthreat activity

The solution

SEI IT Services conducted a multifaceted discovery process and worked with the bank to co-create a project plan. We worked alongside the bank’s internal IT team to configure a solution that delivered enhanced cybersecurity and gave the bank complete visibility of its IT infrastructure — and the ability to proactively detect and act upon emerging threats. We also uncovered additional opportunities for network enhancement.

Central to our process is our background: We have created a unique IT service built by a financial institution for financial institutions. Our comprehensive IT solutions combine industry-leading enterprise technology with our proprietary tools, and our intelligence-driven security platform is specifically designed to meet the complex needs of financial institutions.

The result

Our approach generated three key benefits for this community bank:

  • A holistic 24x7 cybersecurity approach to monitor, detect, analyze and remediate existing and emerging cyberthreats
  • A thorough review of vendors, helping to decrease vendor management overhead and ensure predictability of their IT spend
  • A partnership which facilitates the ability to leverage the ever-evolving IT best practices and resources of a global financial institution

We finally have an IT partner who understands us because they have the same needs.

Additionally, our client identified operational efficiencies that allowed them to refocus on growing their business. They are receiving elevated service from fewer vendors with more predictability in IT scale and cost. Perhaps, most importantly, they have confidence that as the business continues to grow, the bank and its clients are protected.

"The advantage of working with SEI is they’re a financial institution, not just an MSSP. We finally have an IT partner who understands us because they have the same needs. SEI has built a solution that is secure, reliable and flexible. And, they fully grasp the compliance and regulatory requirements."

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