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Building brave futures

For more than 50 years, we’ve been working together to drive growth and positive change. From our solutions and industry reach to our talent and community impact, we continue to deliver. We’re 4,000 employee entrepreneurs working with our clients and communities to solve problems that matter. And we’re on a mission to build brave futures through the power of connection.

Grow with our team

Guiding principles

We’re guided by eight core values that help us grow and defy the status quo. 

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  1. We help our clients succeed. Their needs come before our own and drive our business forward.
  2. We value collaboration and treat each other with respect. We embrace our various opinions, thought processes, backgrounds and perspectives.
  3. We behave with integrity; we do what we say and are transparent in all our dealings. That’s an absolute.
  4. We embrace diversity in our thinking and in our workforce. Diversity is key to creativity and innovation. It allows us to better solve complex problems.
  5. SEI is our company. We think and act as owners.
  6. We’re dedicated to the growth and betterment of our people, partners and community.
  7. We’re committed to providing shareholders with sustainable earnings growth.
  8. We have fun. A big part of our culture is that we enjoy what we do!


The spirit of community is best realized when we celebrate the attributes that make each of us unique.

Diversity of thought, experiences, and ideas help us capitalize on opportunities. But representation doesn’t happen by accident. It takes purposeful action to acknowledge—and remedy—gaps in the world around us. 

We’re cultivating an environment that values individual points of view, ensures employees are treated fairly, and strives to make an impact.

Learn more about how we're committed to inclusion by:

  • Closing the gap
  • Developing our leaders
  • Investing in the next generation
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Our commitment to the community

Sharing our collective expertise, wisdom, and passions helps us embrace and affect change.

Investing in a brave future

When we’re unified by a common mission, our impact is a catalyst for creating equitable and meaningful futures for the next generation. Supporting STEM programs helps build the knowledge and confidence that are critical to our collective growth. 

Similarly, the arts have the ability to expand our imagination and break down barriers. We use art to spur conversation, collaboration, and creativity—all which are necessary in challenging convention.

Putting passion into action 

Our most important initiatives are the ones that allow us to give back. Whether through corporate philanthropy, acts of service, volunteerism, or grant-making, we encourage our employees to get involved. This brings our purpose to life and strengthens our communities. 

Join SEI

Your ideas, experiences and perspective are what drive our purpose and success.

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Employee-led affinity groups:

  • SEI Black Professionals Network
  • SEI Cares
  • Diversity Team
Learn more about our community 

  • Green Team
  • SEI Salutes
  • Women's Network
  • Wellness Team
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Bringing partners together

We place an emphasis on building collaborative communities across different stakeholders, including clients and strategic partners, where there’s a free exchange of ideas, and we all learn from one another. For example, we support a client community of 100 female financial advisors, who provide mentorship and networking opportunities that increase diversity, equity and inclusion in the advisor space.

Power of individual points of view.

We’re 4,000 employee entrepreneurs working with our clients and communities to solve problems that matter.

Courage to explore.

We embody confident curiosity.


We are authentic.

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