"Our surroundings, our people, our culture…together they comprise the greatest testament to who we are." – Al West, Chairman and CEO.

two people sitting in rotundaWe operate on principles of openness, integrity, innovation, collaboration and work-life balance. They allow us to view trends clearly, question, think ahead, challenge convention and ultimately produce comprehensive solutions to help our clients succeed.

Our unique and diverse skills, experience, background, strengths and passions enable us to grow, engage and defy the status quo.

Our Values


We value each other and what each person brings to the tableOur community

Opportunity is everywhere when a culture supports individual talents, interests and goals.

We embrace a strengths-based mindset, encourage employees to take action on their passions, and fully appreciate the importance of life beyond work.

We value each other, and what each person brings to our company and community.

How we embrace community


Photo: Creative art in our workplaceOur Spaces

We build purposeful environments that excite us and make us think.

We've removed traditional physical boundaries to allow creativity, accessibility, transparency and communication to thrive. 

Our work spaces are integrated with one of the largest collections of emerging art in the world  inspiring creativity and new perspectives. 

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Innovative Thinking

Our surroundings, our work, our community challenge us every day to innovate.

How we innovate


An opportunity to be surrounded by bright people in a place that values your contribution.

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