SEI's commitment to innovation

We were disrupting before disruption was a thing 

Disruptive innovations – they challenge current beliefs, polarize people, inspire creativity – and most importantly, they push you to the next level of development.

Al WestInnovation is how you deliver leading-edge products and services to your clients – and to do it right, you must not only disrupt the industry, but transform yourself too (which we do, often).

"Innovation is fundamentally something new that brings real, practical business value." – CEO Al West


A culture of creativity

The keys to an innovation culture

Innovation isn’t always disruptive. It’s often evolutionary – adapting hundreds of downstream changes in response to previous iterations of a solution or process. It’s also incremental – incorporating thousands of smaller modifications into processes and solutions in order to drive big change over time.

All innovation requires attentiveness and responsiveness. We help our employees cultivate all these forms of innovation with a deliberate and systemic focus on collaboration, education, and special initiatives – and it pays off. Can you see yourself in our process?

Russ Kliman, head of innovation and strategic programs"Innovation all starts with culture – and a big part of it is promoting a collaborative mindset." – Russ Kliman, Head of Strategic and Innovation Programs


A foundation of forward thinking

Innovation is one of our core values. We’ve baked it right into the foundations of our culture, and we’ve been at it (successfully) for 50 years