The Practically Speaking blog was “born” in 2011, but it was conceived back in 2008, during the great financial crisis. As a regional sales manager in the Midwestern states, I started sending out regular emails to a select group of financial advisors, with commentaries and links to various articles that I thought may bolster their spirits, help them in managing their clients and give them ideas to run a more efficient practice. The feedback was wonderful as advisors told me they appreciated the unbiased, non-product specific messages that were focused on them and their businesses, not on what someone had to sell. 

Practically Speaking has always been about helping advisors. Over the years, we have added different voices to the blog, each with unique specialties and personal points of view and all with an understanding of the challenges of being an advisor in these times.  Our contributors also share a vantage point as part of a service provider for over 7,000 advisors1.

Today, thousands of subscribers read Practically Speaking. We have been recognized in the top 100 most influential advisors in social media according to Bright Scope2 and Kitces.com3 and even received the inaugural 2016 industry award for custodian’s leadership in social media (the Wealthie)4

I invite you to look at current and past Practically Speaking blog posts and consider subscribing. Each week we do our best to provide you with ideas to help you grow, differentiate and create efficiencies in your practice. Thanks for reading!

--- John Anderson

About John

John AndersonJohn Anderson is the lead author of Practically Speaking and currently heads the Advisor Experience Team at Independent Advisor Solutions by SEI.  John has over 35 years of industry experience working with financial advisors on growth and marketing, operations and profitability. He is a nationally recognized speaker and has authored or co-authored over 15 industry focused whitepapers on topics such as advisory fees, advisor innovation and creating a better high net worth client experience.  Read John’s corporate bio.

Want to know more about John? John and his wife Jen, are the proud parents of two teenage boys.  They travel extensively and as much as he tries, can’t get the boys to root for his hometown teams, the Bears and the Cubs.

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1 As of 12/31/2019

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