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Perspectives in Wealth Video Series: Intent Over Technique

Steps to make your donations have the impact you really want

Most successful families report that planning for charitable giving keeps them up at night, when it should be a source of satisfaction. You want your donation to be impactful, meaningful, supportive of the cause, and certainly not wasted by the organization you're donating to.

Individuals, families and advisors often think about charitable giving in technical terms — am I giving enough? Am I spreading my donations too thin to make a real difference? But when it comes to your giving, we believe that intent matters more than technique.

Your giving can and ought to reflect your core values and financial goals. What do you want your money to accomplish? What values do you want to instill in your children?

Our experts talk about important steps you can take to ensure your donations are having the impact you’ve envisioned, for both the charity and for your family. They include research, communication, getting involved and setting expectations. 


Perspectives in Wealth video series

We believe strongly that individuals and families should feel informed and empowered when it comes to setting financial goals, measuring against them and making the right decisions regarding their wealth in order to be successful. Each month, Michael Farrell and Jeff Ladouceur sit down to discuss the most challenging issues that families and individuals face when making decisions about their wealth, goals and aspirations. Together, they have over 46 years of experience advising, listening and helping with these consequential decisions. 

Join us each month for more from this educational series. The advice and experience our experts provide is rooted through values, communication and goals-based investing, and these discussions will provide a look into what we think are the most important legacy planning and financial literacy practices to manage wealth successfully. You’ll get new ideas, best practices and perspectives from others like you to keep you well informed and inspired as you pursue your own personal goals.  

Meet the experts: 

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